Are you a social enterprise, charity or community group interested in health and wellbeing of your staff, trustee, members and client groups?

We offer a range of health services that can help the health and wellbeing of the team.

Having the opportunity to discuss with someone any initial concerns, either physical or emotional, could be of great benefit and possibly alleviate the case for an individual to be off long term sick. Transitions in Life could provide such services and clients would have access to:

  • Health MOT which includes
  1. emotional and physical health and wellbeing assessments;
  2. education on healthy eating and exercise;
  3. discussions about maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • Juicing and healthy smoothie making demonstrations;
  • Onsite massage and reflexology
  • Techniques for relaxation;
  • Raising awareness about stress and promoting mental and physical wellbeing;
  • Discussing life transitions;
  • Dealing with change;
  • Jointly creating an action plan if required.

Get in touch if you would like to speak to us about our services and get a personalised quote for them.

For more information on what workshops we have on offer click here.